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#4955439 Sep 16, 2011 at 10:52 PM
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1. Inambu
2. Hunter
4. 14
5. MM (BM no)
6. weekends
7. Decent ill learn fights fast
8. Just transfered to arathor
9. Ill help with whatever you need and ill go to raids if you ask me to
10. I just want a guild that will hepl me do Bwd/Bot for gear
11. DBM/ Destruction for dummies
12. N/A never dc
13. Vent no mic
14. Yup (carry)
15. Ill do both i want to raid though
#4990909 Sep 24, 2011 at 06:30 PM
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1. What is your Toons name? FISTEALER


3. Armory link. too low level to put up, but here is my main. I plan to switch him over if you accept my alt. Even if you don't accept the alt. I would rather be with a good raiding guild.

4. Age (one word answer is fine here) 20

5. Main raid spec and is your offspec Raid ready? No, I am leveling, but this is my 4th toon. other
3 are 85. Looking for a guild that can help with leveling as well as raiding in the near future

6. What is your availability? Mostly Weekends with a few weekdays. My work schedule is kind of hectic

7. What is your raid experience?My main alt has gone through FL trash, but because my guild is, for a lack of a better word, unorganized, I haven't gotten further

8. What is your Guild History? This toon has not yet had a guild. My main switched a bit, and if my alt is accepted, I would gladly move my main to this guild as well.

9. What will you do to benefit us? Donate mats to the GB, help other players level, run dungeons, and when ready, run raids

10. What do you expect from the guild? A good group of people to level and raid with. A guild with a fun attitude and an easy going state of mind

11. Which addons do you use? Recount, DBM, elvUI, overachiever, PS/GS, onebag. there are probably one or two more, but they're just extra

12. What are your computer specs? Not sure what you mean. It's a dell 1760 with Windows 7 if that helps

13. Do you have Ventrilo and a mic? yes and yes

14. have you played with any members of Dismantled? If so who, and what were your thoughts of us as a whole? (Be honest don't suck up) My main was in a guild with some dismantled players. First impressions were honestly great. Fun times all around and joking to keep things interesting. Also had a great grasp for what we were doing

15. Are you here to PvP and not Raid? I am here to raid, though I do enjoy PvP as well

16.Anything you would like to add? I think that about covers it.
#5066892 Oct 11, 2011 at 08:26 PM
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1.What is your Toons name? Randomblood

2.Class? Deathknight

3.Armory link :

4.Age? 14

5.Main Raid spec and is your offspec raid ready? Main raid is ready but not offspec. Though i do have a tank that is geared if ever needed. I Know how to play both.

6.What is your Availibity? All weekends and every other Friday, have school to work on in the week.

7.What is your raid experience? I havent done any new raids, but know how raids work from WoTLK raids and have seen alot of the vids for these fights.

8. What is your guild History? I have been in Blood Pack of Azeroth, Mischief, and Gold Diggers.

9.What will you do to benefit us? Help complete raids for acheviments, help out guildies when needed, and donate to GB when I have spare mats.

10.What do you expect from the guild? Nice people to hang out with and raid with. Not hardcore one wipe guild kick people but a people that understand if your having an off-day.

11. Which add-ons do you use? Recount, DBM, ICEhud.

12.What are your comp specs? Not sure really just a normal dell comp with Windows 7.

13.Do you have ventrilo and a mic? Vent yes, mic no but i do have earbuds that i can hear through very clearly.

14.No i have never done any raids with Dismantled members.

15.Are you hear to PvP and not raid? No I love to raid in this game and will only do PvP with my friends for fun.

16.Anything you would like to add? Nope, thanks for looking over this application though.

#5083923 Oct 15, 2011 at 05:11 PM
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Since my first posted armory doesnt work for me hopefully this one does.
#5103473 Oct 20, 2011 at 04:01 AM
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Silent Beast, you are approved. Please whisper an officer from dismantled for an invite saying your online application was approved by Extremus! Congratulations
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#5129673 Oct 25, 2011 at 07:27 PM
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1. Hoofstomp
2.Class? Warrior
3. Armory link?
4. Age?19
5..Main Raid spec and is your offspec raid ready?My main spec is for PvP my Off-spec is for Tanking.
6..What is your Availibity? Most of the week
7.What is your raid experience?I have tanked Bot a few times,Bwd once and To4w once
8. What is your guild History?Keepers of Twilight and Shattered Skulls
9.What will you do to benefit us?Help out guildes and Spare things if i need to
10.What do you expect from the guild? Members that will respect if you mess up on something,And not a 1 wipe you out guild
11. Which add-ons do you use?Quarts Interrupt bar
12.What are your comp specs?I don't really know just an LG
13.Do you have ventrilo and a mic?Vent yes. mic no.
14.I have done raids with Jeoff
15. I like to raid but i'll PvP too