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(Apr 01, 2012)
Does anyone come here??
(Feb 29, 2012)
Hey where is everyone?
(Jan 03, 2012)
hey guys what is addielees real name i fucking forgot ima look her up on facebook
(Dec 29, 2011)
ok guess the site is dead Happy Holidays anyhow
(Nov 27, 2011)
Lil Late But Happy Turkey day
(Nov 12, 2011)
Headed to Texas for a week
(Nov 01, 2011)
well no1 is in dismanlted anymore...since this isnt a social guild, website is basically useless
(Oct 31, 2011)
wow no shout-outs in 5 days?
(Oct 26, 2011)
(Oct 26, 2011)
*you guys* sorry.
(Oct 26, 2011)
and matt u should change it. we arent the biggest guild on arathor anymore.
(Oct 26, 2011)
well matt. i wish u had chosen better people to run ur guild than a bunch of idiots.
(Oct 25, 2011)
no more posts or zandalar people dont appreciate it, and os it is gone.
(Oct 25, 2011)
(Oct 20, 2011)
i made that poem up btw =)
(Oct 20, 2011)
oooooo Matt... *sighs*
(Oct 20, 2011)
Damm it's Freezing this morning!!
(Oct 20, 2011)
Jesus Death
(Oct 19, 2011)
-The World Is Dark And We Are Light. We Will Defend It With All Our Might. Keep Your Priorities Sorted Out And That Will Be Your Way Out. You Find Truth And Pride In Both Coalations Fore Both Have Tried. Only One Can Survive. So, FIGHT! And You Will Thrive
(Oct 19, 2011)
its more dead than matt after hearing us argue about guild stuff